Open Access in Higher Education.

This course discusses Open Science in the context of universities and colleges as knowledge producing and consuming institutions.

5 Modules

Course Introduction

This module introduces the text book that forms the basis for this course, such as its rationale and key ideas.

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Changes in Knowledge-Related Practices at Universities

This module discusses changes in the status of scientific knowledge, the globalization of academic activities and the adoption of Open Science principles at universities.

Interrelations among Diverse Knowledge-Managing Institutions

This module concentrates on universities as diversity-championing organizations, the coordination mechanisms involving Open Science institutions and the configurations of Open Science communication channels.

Open Science Policies, Indicators and Prospects

This module discusses Open Access policy frameworks, assessment systems and future development paths.

Course Conclusion

This module reviews the key terms used in this course, suggests further readings on its topics and provides the list of bibliographic sources its textbook has used.

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The Instructors

Pablo Markin

Community Manager, Open Research Community