KU for Beginners.

This course provides general information about Knowledge Unlatched (KU).

8 Modules

Knowledge Unlatched (KU): Organization, Mission, Goal, Location, Activity

1 item

KU: Models, Processes, Stakeholders

KU: Pledging, Funding, Libraries, Publishers, Collections

KU: Library Participation, Collection Selection, Supporting Infrastructures

KU: Open Access Content, Hosting, Metadata

KU: Worldwide Support, Books and Journals, Title Usage

KU: Global South, Emerging Market Team, Contact Information

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What you'll learn

The Instructors

Pablo Markin

Community Manager, Open Research Community

Wilson de Souza

Regional Manager, Knowledge Unlatched

Mirela Roncevic

Library Relations, Knowledge Unlatched

Amir Kahana

Account Manager, Knowledge Unlatched